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The following sizes and corresponding prices are for specific sizes.  There are many variations of sizes and if an intermediate size is desired, an appropriate price will be quoted.  The great American portrait artist John Singer Sargent once said...."A portrait is a painting with a little something wrong about the mouth."  What that meant, of course, is that even a master portrait painter struggles with a likeness.  Because of this fact, I will need to add a per person addition to the price when multiple people are to be painted.  Additions would not exceed twenty percent of original total per each.  Due to time and materials involved in creating a painting, a 25%, non-refundable deposit is required.  Prices of paintings smaller or larger than sizes listed will be proportionally quoted upon request. 

16" x 20"   $500    /   18" x 24"   $560   /   20" x 24"   $620   /    22" x 28"   $680   /    22" x 30"   $740   /    24" x 36"   $800